Christmas wishlist 2015

Here's my wishlist for my Secret Santa I do with my friends every year. It's public so anon comments can be made. :) I don't check the comments so if anyone wants to points something out to me, let me know on pm or something. :) Might add more if I come up with something else.

Phone cases cause I want my phone to be pretty ;) (My phone is a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact)

1. loooove this one *hint*)

2. color)

3. want nr 4)


5. Only plastic works for the Z3)

Beauty and make-up books

1. Eye candy: 50 Makeup looks for glam lids and luscious lashesby Linda Mason
2. Making facesby Kevyn Aucoin
3. Bobbi Brown Makeup manual: For everyone from beginner to pro

Beauty stuff

1. I'd love some new nail polish. I like the brands OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, Ciaté and China glaze. I leave the color of choice up to you. ;)
2. Face masks! I love that stuff.
3. Urban Decay's Cooling and hydrating makeup setting spray
4. NYX cream shadow (Copper)
5. NYX Roll on eye shimmer (Nude)
6. NYX Extra creamy round lipstick (Peach bellini)

Nerd alert

1. Scarlet Witch Funko Pop
2. Bambi Flower (the skunk) Funko Pop
3. Hermione Granger Funko Pop
4. Greg Jenko Funko Pop (21 Jump Street)
5. Cookie monster Funko Pop

Or if you find something you think I'll like, I love surprises. :)

Note: No plushies or mugs. I have so many already.


Posting here for friends. It'll be my current sticky post until my birthday's passed.

Society 6

1. (smallest size)



2. According to the size thing, I should be a large. I'm an M though, but better safe than sorry and go L




1. The Walking Dead season 2, 3 or 4 (bluray)
2. Hawaii Five-0 Season 2, 3 or 4 (bluray)
3. Shameless (any season, don't own any of them yet)


1. Rocket Racoon Pop
2. Olaf Pop
3. Baby Groot Pop


1. Still photo by Kim Harnes
2. Girl online by Zoe Sugg
3. Ugly girls by Lindsay Hunter
4. The imp of the mind by Lee Baer
5. The man who couldn't stop by David Adam
6. Amen amen amen by Abby Sher
7. Vanishing girls by Lauren Oliver
8. OCD Love story by Corey Ann Haydu
9. Is Everyone hanging out without me? by Mandy Kaling


Handy Gurugu hand cream

Friends cut (Public post)

I've put this off long enough cause I feel so bad doing it, but I feel like there are some people I haven't connected with after a significant amount of time or we just never talk. It really isn't anything personal. 

Wishlist (second post of the night)

Friends have asked me to post a wishlist. Some of this stuff is on the expensive side and you really don't have to get me any of that. It's a good list for me to keep track of things I'd like to get in the future too. :)

Oops I brought a background for the text. Haha I made this a sticky post for now. It's also public so anon comments can be made. I won't read the comments.

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